About Us


CEO, founder, and writer

Jenny has always dreamed of being a CEO of a company. Although ShareTheTravelBug is not incorporated or anything. She has decided to call herself a CEO anyways. Jenny launched SharedTheTravelBug in September 2017. Besides being a travel blogger, she is also a full-time nurse, a full-time mother of one previous girl, and a part-time student. Jenny loves travelling, she has been travelling with her family all over the world since the tender age of 2 (her first trip was to Japan). Since then, she has been experiencing God through admiring his creations all over the world. Jenny’s vision of this blog is to inspire subscribers to travel and explore all the beauties created by God, to gain a deeper understanding of people of the world, to save money while traveling, to promote healthful travel habits, to promote local businesses, and to promote financial responsibility by learning financial principles such as delayed gratification.


Co-founder, editor in chief, senior (and only) graphic designer.


Co-editor, artist, photographer and food critic (as she calls herself a taste tester)

Paige loves using ProCreate to draw images of her travel on every flight.  She also loves nature and enjoys running up to the top of every monuments we visit.  Some of her conquers include the bell towers of St. Paul’s cathedral in London, Notre Dame in Paris, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, and Our Saviour’s Church in Copenhagen.